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Jean-Michel Grand

CEO Action Against Hunger UK: No child should die of hunger!

“No child should die from hunger… we have the treatment… this treatment has 95% cure rate… and (yet) only 20% of the severely malnourished children in the world have access to this (life-saving) treatment”

Jean-Michel Grand has been the CEO of Action Against Hunger UK since 2003. He started his career in the humanitarian sector in 1994, as a logistician during the Bosnian war where he worked for two years before being deployed to mostly conflict and drought related humanitarian crises. He spent the subsequent six years in Chechnya, Myanmar, Tajikistan, Malawi and Zimbabwe, working for Action Against Hunger.  

Jean-Michel represents Action Against Hunger UK on the International Executive Committee of the organisation’s International Network (which is present in over 50 countries). He was a Board member of VOICE,  the network of European Humanitarian NGOs and is currently part of the DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee) Board, as an agency member. He has also been part of the CEOs' “Sounding board” on effective management hosted by Bain and Company since 2006, and is a Director of ACFIN trademark licensing company. 

Over the past three decades, Jean-Michel has dedicated most of his efforts to addressing child undernutrition around the world and helping populations affected by humanitarian crises. 

Ep 36. Jean-Michel Grand, CEO Action Against Hunger UK:

No child should die of hunger!

In a world where enough food is produced to feed everyone on earth, how is it that nearly 3 billion people - over a third of the world’s population - can’t get the food that they need to survive!

Jean-Michel Grand, CEO of Action Against Hunger UK, shares his views on what is driving this global humanitarian crisis of hunger and what action needs to be taken to resolve it.

We talk about crises in Africa, Pakistan, Ukraine and also Action Against Hunger’s programmes right here in the UK, developed in response to an increase in food poverty and food insecurity for millions of UK households.

Jean-Michel lays down the challenge to the UK’s newly elected Prime Minister to put the UK’s international aid spending back up to 0.7% and to reclaim Britain’s position of influence on the global stage. He also shares some powerful leadership lessons learned over 20 years of being a CEO.

Recorded September 2022. 

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