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Siobhan McCarthy Morton

CEO, Adventure Ashram: A small but mighty force against human trafficking

“That hope that the women and children that are supported (by the charity)... have a chance for a better future... and can determine their futures themselves.

Being able to help people pursue their own dreams in life... their own adventures... is really nothing short of a privilege.”

Siobhan McCarthy Morton is the CEO of Adventure Ashram, a small charity currently supporting grassroots projects in India, with a focus on anti-trafficking, education and accessible health care. Founded by an adventurous group of motor bikers in 2007, the charity has raised over £1.5 million to date, and helped thousands of women and children access freedom and opportunities.

Siobhan joined Adventure Ashram in 2022, having previously spent six years at the children’s heart charity ECHO, initially as their Communications and Volunteering Manager before being promoted to Head of Operations. Prior to that Siobhan was Head of Marketing at the grant-making organisation, The Freemasons’ Grand Charity. 

Siobhan is also a Trustee at Women’s Aid in Luton because she believes that all women and children should be able to choose their path in life, free from harm. 

Siobhan is currently studying for a Master’s in Voluntary Sector Management at Bayes Business School and lives in Hertfordshire with her husband and two young sons. 

Ep 39. Siobhan McCarthy Morton, CEO Adventure Ashram:

A small but mighty force against human trafficking

There are 8 million people affected by human trafficking in India every year, and over 50 million globally. According to the UN, 79% of human trafficking is for sexual exploitation and 20% of all trafficking victims are children. 

Adventure Ashram is a small but mighty charity that is looking to change this!

Driven by a spirit of adventure and freedom, the Adventure Ashram focuses on supporting grassroots anti-trafficking and education projects in South India. In this episode I speak with their CEO, Siobhan McCarthy Morton.

Adventure Ashram’s Vision is a world without injustice, in which all people can enjoy their rights, their self-determination and their freedom. We talk about Adventure Ashram’s partnership delivery model, and Siobhan tells us about mobilising for their iconic Yoga Stops Traffick global event, with a team of just 3, showcasing the power of collective action.

Siobhan also sounds a rallying cry for the value and importance of small charities, with a reminder that all charities, no matter how large or small, are made up of a community of people who care deeply about a cause, and this, is what makes them powerful change-makers.

Recorded December 2022. 

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