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Chris Bird

CEO, The Raheem Sterling Foundation: Mindset of a Champion!

“Everybody’s got a talent, but not everybody gets the opportunity. And thats what we’re about; we’re about opening that door and getting people through that door… that’s what’s missing in a lot of communities and society today...

There’s a lot of talented young people out there… The Raheem Sterling Foundation is about capturing that (talent) and making sure the opportunities are there.”

Chris is CEO of The Raheem Sterling Foundation, which champions further education, employment opportunities and social mobility for young people.

Chris is a leader in business and sports, and is widely considered a media, PR and communications authority. His media career started in 1982, working in commercial radio and regional newspaper sales. He now holds the position of Executive Chairman for Quest Media Network, as owner of the newspaper he delivered as a boy. He is also CEO of Sports Tours International. Chris served as COO at Manchester City Football Club, where his negotiations were crucial in securing major commercial and sponsorship agreements that were highly profitable for the club. Chris joined Manchester City FC as a freelance PR Consultant before he was appointed as the Chairman’s Assistant. His rise from freelancer to COO reflects that of the club, climbing from Division 2 to English football’s top tier, the Premier League.

Chris is also the Founder and Trustee of The Running Bee Foundation and actively participates in challenges inspiring communities to lead healthy and active lives. 

Ep 35. Chris Bird, CEO The Raheem Sterling Foundation:

Mindset of a Champion!

This episode is a very special collaboration with The Olympic Mindset Podcast. 

I have teamed up with its host, Dominic Broad, to bring you this conversation with Chris Bird, CEO of the newly formed Raheem Sterling Foundation. Chris is also the Founder of EQ Esports, CEO of Sports Tours International, a Trustee of The Running Bee Foundation and in the late 90s was the COO of Manchester City Football Club.

We speak with Chris about leadership and what it takes to have the mindset of a champion - not just in sport but in any walk of life. 

Chris shares his aspirations for The Raheem Sterling Foundation and how through its focus on education, employment and social mobility, it aims to create opportunities and change the lives of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. We have a fascinating conversation about levelling up and what that means in reality versus just in a political manifesto. And of course we also talk about football. 

Recorded August 2022.

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