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Areeba Hamid & Will McCallum

Co-EDs, Greenpeace UK: Co-leading for Change

“We have won the war on climate denial… (but) we cannot underestimate what an enormous fight this is… the climate movement being mainstream doesn’t mean we have the power to make change happen yet.”

Areeba Hamid is co-Executive Director of Greenpeace UK. Areeba has worked at senior levels in Greenpeace offices around the world from 2006-2020, campaigning on issues like marine conservation, coal expansion in India, rainforest destruction in Indonesia, and tar sands in Canada and North America. Areeba re-joined Greenpeace UK from The Sunrise Project, where she led their global finance program. She is also a board member of the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants. Born in India, she is the first woman and first person of colour to lead Greenpeace in the UK.

Will McCallum is co-Executive Director of Greenpeace UK. Prior to this, he was Head of Oceans at Greenpeace UK from 2015-22. Will led campaigns on sustainable fisheries, including working alongside low impact fishing communities. He founded and led the international 30x30 campaign geared to create ocean sanctuaries in international and national waters. Before that, he oversaw the launch of Greenpeace UK’s first campaigns on plastic, helping reshape the global conversation about plastic waste away from litter to being one about reducing production. He is the author of the book, How to Give Up Plastic, which has been translated into 12 languages.  

Ep 42. Areeba Hamid & Will McCallum, Co-Executive Directors Greenpeace UK:

Co-leading for Change

In this episode, I have the privilege of speaking with not one, but two impressive non-profit leaders: Areeba Hamid and Will McCallum, co-Executive Directors of Greenpeace UK. 

What's unique about Areeba and Will is that together they have shattered several barriers in their leadership roles. Areeba is the first woman and person of colour to lead Greenpeace UK, and, they are the first duo to assume this position. 

We dive into the essential role that Greenpeace continues to play in today's world, where the climate movement has become mainstream, and how their work continues to influence policy and drive social change. 

We explore the co-leadership model that Areeba and Will have adopted, discovering what makes it work and how they navigate conflicts. They also share valuable advice for other charity leaders and organisations who may be contemplating this approach. 

Recorded April 2023. 

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