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Anna Josse

Founder & CEO, Prism the Gift Fund

“Gift Aid, yes people know about it (but) they still don't understand it… there is about £750m unclaimed in Gift Aid every year, split between smaller charities unable to claim or don't have the skills to do it and higher rate tax-payers not really understanding … how they could be claiming an additional 25% on the gross (donation) in their tax returns.”

Anna Josse is the Founder and CEO of Prism the Gift Fund (Prism). Prism’s aim is to increase the flow of funds into the charity sector. 

Previously, she worked in the high-tech industry and set up the Yazam EU office as Director of Investor Relations and set up and ran the British arm of a USA based charity, the New Israel Fund. Anna also acts as a trustee and advisor for several charities. She is the director and shareholder of the financial services company Regent Capital that specialises in investment products and services to UK-based HNW investors.


Ep 41. Anna Josse, Founder & CEO Prism the Gift Fund:

The Joy of Giving, without the hassle of admin!

Our guest today is Anna Josse, Founder and CEO of Prism the Gift Fund. 

Prism is a UK-based charity that is changing the face of philanthropy.

Prism’s mission is to increase the flow of funds into the charitable sector, through creating efficiencies in the process of giving. Prism offers a unique and straight-forward alternative to setting up a charitable foundation, enabling donors to give tax-efficiently without the administrative hassle.

Since its inception in 2005, Prism has facilitated over £550m in donations to thousands of charities across the world.

In this episode, we dive into the different services offered by Prism, including Donor Advised Funds and Collective Funds. We explore how their innovative approach is revolutionising mid to high level giving in the UK, and also discuss the rise of the Philanthropy Paradox.

Anna shares her insights on how the UK charity sector can learn from the American approach to philanthropy, as well as her vision for making philanthropy accessible to all. 

Recorded February 2023

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