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Helen Moulinos

CEO POhWER: What are our Human Rights?

“Being your authentic self makes you a happier person and a better leader.”

Helen Moulinos is the Chief Executive of POhWER. Over a 27 year career, Helen has held senior positions in the charity sector for Marie Curie, Stonewall, Age UK, Alzheimer’s Society and The Children’s Society; and in the private sector for Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Lloyds Banking Group and HSBC.

Helen has always been an active human rights advocate. She has campaigned for change in Human Rights, HIV/AIDS community, LGBT+ Rights and Mental Health over the last 30 years in the USA and United Kingdom. Her passion is to empower people to live independent lives, to embrace the power of diversity and persuade powerful institutions to drive societal change towards a fairer equitable society.

Helen lives with depression and dyslexia. In 2001 she was caught up in the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York, from which she inherited hearing loss and PTSD. Helen has lived in Britain since 2001 and calls North London her home. She is a keen cook, avid traveller, and aspiring yogi.

Ep 18. Helen Moulinos, CEO POhWER:

What are our Human Rights?

Helen Moulinos is the Chief Executive of POhWER, Britain’s largest human rights advocacy charity.

POhWER was established in 1996 by a group of people with disabilities who were fighting social injustice and challenges in their lives. Today POhWER still operates with these roots at the heart of everything it does: supporting marginalised, vulnerable and socially excluded people through its charitable work.

In 2020, POhWER reached over 300,000 people nationally, ensuring their rights were upheld and they were empowered to make independent choices.

In this episode we talk about rights-led empowerment, as well as advocacy and rights in the particular context of the COVID-19 pandemic. We discuss the controversial ‘vaccine passports’ (or COVID Status Certification) and how during lockdown a number of groups have seen their human rights eroded.

Helen also shares the story of her own leadership journey and insights on transitioning in to the charity sector from investment banking.

Recorded April 2021.

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